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Because service is our life

CONVERGENT INTERFREIGHT COMPANY is a center of fully integrated Logistics services. We are communicating and interacting with all involved business parties to deliver you a first class service from the initial inquiry to the final delivery, to receive and deliver goods to destination on time as scheduled due date on the contract, and we provide the efficient one stop service. We also serve both export and import services for China by sea and air way.

Convergent Interfreight Co., Ltd. is not just a freight forwarder company

Because we serve complete services which cover from the origin to the destination, and coordinate with all parties to receive and send goods to reach the destination on time as specified date. We are also a membered customs broker of The Thai Licensed Customs Brokers Association through our main philosophy, “Service is our life “.


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Our experience

With expert and experienced team in logistics, we are confident to overcome any problems which occur during the shipment keenly.

Our service path

Our unique which is outstanding is service, therefore, we maintain services’ quality to serve your need and convenienc

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Worldwide network partners

We have business partners from all over the world; therefore, we can provide services for shipment to various destinations both import and export from China, Indonesia, Hong Kong and other countries around the world.

Transport capability

With our capability and performance of transport services, we can export and import your goods from many countries as your request by using the budget most worthily

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Proving complete services

We provide complete services which cover all relevant procedures; thus, we can serve the customers for all in to reduce any problems and delays which occur during the shipment.

Organization reliability

We have reliable worldwide network partners in more than sixty countries around the world, and we are guaranteed by domestic and international. We are also a membered customs broker of The Thai Licensed Customs Brokers Association

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